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We have met the waterproofing needs of many. Read what some of our satisfied customers have said about us!

Jerry Butch
Butch Apartments

The tenant building I own was experiencing some drainage problems and I figured it was as a result of poor waterproofing systems, as well as faulty plumbing by the originally hired construction workers. I called in the Park Lane Ground Work and they had it fixed in no time! Now, my tenants and I are happy! 

James Gully
Gully and Son Real Estate Agency

I was getting into the real estate business a few years back and was looking for a professional company to fulfill my waterproofing needs. Luckily, I stumbled on to Park Lane Ground Work as what they did has worked for the past 4 years with no glitches at all. They have  and they will continue to work just fine. Glad I got them to do my buildings!

Beverly Small
Pegasus Hotel

The plumbing in the hotel that I bought a few years back was disastrous and I was not sure where to look but I luckily stumbled on to Park Lane Ground Work. Their team redid the whole plumbing as well as waterproofing system and even my customers compliment me how great they are! Thanks a bunch Park Lane!

Welcome to Park Lane Ground Work! 

As is the case with any building, whether it is a small personal residential or a large commercial building, drainage is a major part and of much importance, as a matter of fact. Here at the Park Lane Ground Work, we take the provision of these services to the next level.

What we do...

We specialize in providing commercial waterproofing services as well as plumbing services for large commercial properties as well as builders dealing with on-going building projects. Our team consists of professional engineers who are aware of the fact that construction delays can cost time and money. This is why they are dedicated to completing your commercial waterproofing solution on time. They will:

  • conduct a free on-site inspection
  • develop the preliminary design
  • make cost effective recommendations
  • make sure you receive the best waterproofing solution

Common waterproofing mistakes we do not make.

You may have often heard of waterproofing systems that stopped working after a couple of years or even more surprising, within a few months! Common problems are in the likes of some hired companies deciding to drill weep holes like every four to five feet rather than our recommended one foot spacing. Though they may claim it is a strategy to save  money; however, in the long run, such an approach causes more damage, as it may cause walls to retain water even after the waterproofing system has been installed. 

Another common mistake that other companies make is that they install less clean outs than recommended. This is also another “money-saving” scheme they claim to employ for your own good but it as well goes on to hurt you, since they will all get clogged in a time span of about a year and you may have to redo the whole drainage system again from scratch…a rather expensive venture no one would want. 

At Park Lane Ground Work, we give our customers only the best advice as well as services that will benefit them in the long run. We know that saving money is important to you which is why we make sure that our suggestions save you money in the short and long term!

How we work...

If you are interested in our services, it is of utter importance to know what our approach is, so that you know what is required of you.

  • You will be required to contact us via our telephone numbers or website to request a free on-site inspection.
  • Having received your request, we send our team of experts to survey your building or commercial property. Based on their evaluation, we will advise you on the best approach to take with the project. 
  • Having done that, the project commences which will result in you receiving excellent waterproofing systems installed on your properties or buildings. 

All in all… 

An advantage of working with us is that you can expect the utmost level of professionalism from our team of experts. You can be guaranteed that you will receive the best in waterproofing and plumbing services at an affordable price if you contact us today. Call us now to schedule your free on-site evaluation and inspection.