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Jerry Butch
Butch Apartments

The tenant building I own was experiencing some drainage problems and I figured it was as a result of poor waterproofing systems, as well as faulty plumbing by the originally hired construction workers. I called in the Park Lane Ground Work and they had it fixed in no time! Now, my tenants and I are happy! 

James Gully
Gully and Son Real Estate Agency

I was getting into the real estate business a few years back and was looking for a professional company to fulfill my waterproofing needs. Luckily, I stumbled on to Park Lane Ground Work as what they did has worked for the past 4 years with no glitches at all. They have  and they will continue to work just fine. Glad I got them to do my buildings!

Beverly Small
Pegasus Hotel

The plumbing in the hotel that I bought a few years back was disastrous and I was not sure where to look but I luckily stumbled on to Park Lane Ground Work. Their team redid the whole plumbing as well as waterproofing system and even my customers compliment me how great they are! Thanks a bunch Park Lane!

London Property And Homes Update

To be able to live in the beautiful city of London in the UK, you will discover that the headline news: London House Prices Getting Unaffordable, is very true. In fact the consumer’s capacity today to buy a home in this city stands at 77 percent worse than a mere five years ago. This bustling city however actually stands in contrast to the rest of the UK where affordability has even improved by two percent over the same period.

Exciting accessories mean exciting prices

When it comes to home improvements, London Home Owners Opt for Wooden Shutters for their homes because they have discovered that this very attractive feature adds value, security and attractiveness to their homes; therefore shutters have gained rather a substantial following for these good reasons. Not only are they also versatile and beautiful, but they are available in so many exciting styles and colours. They are made to order to fit perfectly in any home, adding character and warmth by providing control over the warmth, privacy and light. Roofing USA explains that wooden shutters allow the cool breezes in the summer months to come in and in the winter months, they keep the breezes at bay. Wooden shuttering for London properties and homes are proving to contribute to the value when it comes to owning and renting. Read More...